Dr. Andy Odle
Executive Director of Church on the Street Ministries



Dr. Andy Odle
CITP Speaker

  Pastor Andy leads an intentional and diverse Christian community committed to learning to be neighbors and friends. He has given his life to not only living out this active love, but to developing and implementing practices where it might take root. His desire is to see the Body of Christ realized and for those who claim the name of Christ to become attentive to their vulnerable, lonely and marginalized neighbors.

Pastor Andy has been in ministry for over 20 years and has a Ph.D. in Moral and Practical Theology from the University of Aberdeen. He is a founding member of Trafficklight - an international group united in combatting sex trafficking, and The Peace Nexus - a network of reconcilers.

Pastor Andy became the Executive Director of Church on the Street in 2008. He is married to Amy and they have three daughters and one son. 

Andy's Church in the Park Message